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Dr Suzi Le Voi: BSc Hons, MSc, DC, MRCC. Doctor of Chiropractic
Paul Reay: MSST, ITEC
Mrs Skye Deane BSc (Hons) MCSP SRP
Dr John Stephens: BSc Hons MSc DC, LRCC Doctor of Chiropractic
Kerry Bowles BSc (Hons) Lic Ac MBAcC CAUK
Tasmyn Grimshaw: VTCT 4, MSMA
Charleigh de la Perrelle 
Stewart Redpath BSc(Pod), Msc



Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is used worldwide in many areas of modern healthcare. High intensity beams of light have an immediate effect on the soft tissues of the body, increasing the speed and quality of repair, relieving pain and decreasing inflammation. It has been proven scientifically to be effective in the treatment of sprains/strains, nerve pain, wound management and joint conditions. It is a painless procedure with no known negative side effects and is safe to use on patients of all ages.
It is recommended for the optimum results to have 2-3 15 minute treatments over a period of a week.

This technique will focus on improvement of muscle condition and physiology through the use of postural and biomechanical analysis to maximise the dynamic function of the musculo-skeletal system. Your strength and conditioning coach will identify areas of mechanical weakness and/or imbalance and with tailored rehab techniques will help to restore normal movement patterns. Rehabilitation techniques are easily adapted to accommodate age, ability and desired outcomes. Whether you wish to run a marathon or improve your ability to function in day to day activities – this could be the treatment method for you.

At the clinic, we can also provide ultrasound and interferential (TENS) therapy. These treatment modalities are normally used in conjunction with manual therapy in the treatment of injuries to the soft tissues and for pain relief.

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