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Dr Suzi Le Voi: BSc Hons, MSc, DC, MRCC. Doctor of Chiropractic
Paul Reay: MSST, ITEC
Mrs Skye Deane BSc (Hons) MCSP SRP
Dr John Stephens: BSc Hons MSc DC, LRCC Doctor of Chiropractic
Kerry Bowles BSc (Hons) Lic Ac MBAcC CAUK
Tasmyn Grimshaw: VTCT 4, MSMA
Charleigh de la Perrelle 
Stewart Redpath BSc(Pod), Msc



Stewart is originally from Gosport and graduated from Plymouth University with a degree in Podiatry in 2009. Stewart began working in the field of musculoskeletal (Msk) podiatry in 2010 when he began working in an NHS London trust clinic. From his experience in this trust Stewart has then attended multiple courses to build on his Msk knowledge which he actively applies for patients he assesses. Stewart is currently finishing his master’s level studies where he has qualified to provide injection therapy. Stewarts has treated a huge variety of patients since 2010 including young children, athletes and the elderly for a variety of msk based conditions.

What is biomechanics?

Is the study of biological materials and how they behave or come affected when placed under stress

What is an Msk Podiatist?

An Msk Podiatrist is someone who examines the foot, ankle and lower limb and interactions with external forces such as ground contact. From there examination they can then identify how the body maybe compensating to excessive mechanical forces and the specific foot/leg structures that may be in discomfort from this

How can an Msk Podiatrist help?

Dependent on the diagnosis of your problem there are a number of options the Podiatrist can use to treat you. The primary treatment that may be advised is the use of Orthoses that can be used inside suitable footwear. The role of Orthoses is to help realign the foot to offload affected structures that may be causing you pain. The Podiatrist will also consider using strengthening and stretching exercises to help rehabilitee muscular structures to improve their efficiency and your overall function. Certain conditions diagnosed may also benefit from steroid injection therapy as a complimentary treatment but before this is considered the Podiatrist will always exhaust all other treatment options.

What conditions can an Msk Podiatrist treat?

There are many conditions that an Msk Podiatrist can help with but here is a short list below that may help.

Rheumatoid Arthrtis.
Child/adult flat foot.
Running pain.
Plantar fasciitis.
Knee pain.
Back pain.
Ankle pain.
Post tibial tendon dysfunction.
Peroneal tendonitis.
Achilles tendonitis.
Severs disease 
Mortans neuroma.
Oshgood Schalters.

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