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What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an holistic approach to helping people restore their ‘normal’ movement and function following an injury, illness or disability. The aim is always to promote health and wellbeing, striving to help people improve their quality of life.
Physiotherapists utilise rehabilitation, manual techniques, education and advice often in combination to help patients achieve their individual goals. Everything we do is evidence based with clinical reasoning Physiotherapy is an evidence based practice characterised by clinical reasoning which contribute to a solution focused approach to individual patient-centred care. It takes a holistic approach that empowers patients to take control of their own conditions, encouraging development and facilitating recovery. This enables their patients to return to work, sport or general activities of daily living quicker or simply to remain independent at home for as long as possible.

What can Physiotherapists treat?

What would a physiotherapy appointment involve at Solent Sports Injury Clinic?

We always start an appointment with a chat, a chance to find out your story about what has brought you to the clinic. We will ask you lots of questions so we can start building up a picture of your injury before we look at it, but also to build a better idea about you and what
you want to achieve.

We will also ask you about your past medical history as this can contribute to our plan andassessment.
Then we would move on to have a look at your injury starting with some functional movements to get a good idea of your normal movement patterns followed by some more detailed specific tests to the joint or area that is affected.
This will allow us to give you a diagnosis, which we will explain to you to make sure you are happy with what it means.
Together we will then create a personalised plan and road to recovery, this could involve exercises, manual therapy, massage, education, laser or acupuncture and is often a combination.
It is really important to us that we understand your goals and treat everybody as individuals tailoring your rehab journey to help you achieve what is important to you.

Physiotherapy is a protected profession

Physiotherapy is a protected profession, which means that it is regulated by law to ensure that only people who have passed state approved training courses and have registered with the state regulator, may practise. The state regulator for physiotherapists is the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Only those people who register with the HPC may call themselves physiotherapists and practise physiotherapy autonomously and only those who are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy may call themselves chartered physiotherapists.

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