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Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on our expert and professional approach to care, in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming clinical environment.
We are situated in a convenient location on the main bus routes and with plentiful free parking and full disabled access.

We offer full privacy with the use of individual treatment rooms and the use of modesty gowns when required or requested. A chaperone can also be requested.

We have good relationships with GPs and other healthcare clinics in the area, allowing us to obtain Xrays/MRI scans and/or consultant referrals with ease and when clinically indicated.

We offer continuity of care, with the same therapist dedicating each appointment of a minimum of 20 minutes to every patient, ensuring a thorough reassessment is conducted each treatment and giving plenty of time for any questions that may arise. Every consultation is fully notated and confidently stored in the patients records, allowing easy reference for your next appointment.

We offer value for money, there are no hidden extras or unexpected costs. All of our fees are readily available. We never ask for payment in advance, just pay as you go.

We have had effective results with thousands of returning and happy patients, giving great feedback over the years, with most of our new patients being encouraged to contact us by the positive experiences of others. We have generations of the same families amongst our patients with some travelling from their new homes abroad especially to see us.

As experienced and empathetic therapists, we recognise that patient care is not just about your physical injury, it’s about you and your well-being. This is why we feel caring for you is just as important as providing care.

Our Prices

On your first appointment with us, you will receive a full and thorough assessment of your injury.
This includes the taking of a detailed history of your current problem, but also of your past medical history as this can very often be important and influence the types of treatment and rehabilitation that we can undertake. Your injury will be physically assessed using standard clinical diagnostic techniques. Once completed, we’ll sit down and fully explain our findings, and work out the best way forward for you. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, in fact we love it when you do, patients that have a greater understanding of their injury tend to recover quicker.

Initial Assessment including first treatment – 1 hour - £65
Follow on treatments – 20 minutes - £52

Initial assessment including first treatment - 1 hour - £65
Follow on treatments – 30 minutes - £52

Sports Therapy
Initial assessment including first treatment (1 hour) - £65
Follow on treatments (30 minutes) - £52

Sports & Remedial Massage
Initial assessment including massage (1 hour) - £55
30 minute appointment - £38
1 hour appointment - £55

Initial assessment including first treatment (90 minutes) - £65
Follow on treatments (1 hour) - £55

Initial assessment only (up to 1 hour) - £60
Initial assessment with custom made orthotics - £350

Shockwave Therapy
Individual treatment - £89
Course of 3 treatments - £225

Laser Therapy - £20

K-Taping - £10

New/Old Patients
Returning patients after 4 years will requirea one hour appointmentin order for us to reassess - £55

Informal Consultation – Free of Charge

Not sure if we can help you? This 15 minute chat is provided to help to discover which type of therapy would be best for your injury or condition. This can be conducted in person or over thephone, whichever is easiest for you.

There are some injuries and some patients who require more time at each treatment, this is never a problem and once this is established and when appropriate, your therapist will book you longer appointments at no extra charge. 

All appointments are conducted in the privacy of a treatment room, with modesty gowns and towels provided when appropriate or requested. We are also happy, if you so wish for a chaperone to be present. We must however insist that all patients under 16 years of age, are escorted by a parent or guardian to all appointments.

Our Patient Promise

Here at the Solent Sports Injury clinic, we always work as a team to achieve the best possible results.
In order to achieve this common goal, we promise that we will:

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Tel: 023 9255 3302

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