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Sports & Remedial Massage

This is a condition specific manual therapy used to address muscle imbalances and mirco damage associated with musculoskeletal injury and poor postural ergonomics. Your therapist will use a variety of well-known massage techniques to improve the muscle condition and restore performance of sport or work specific movements.

Massage is a centuries old therapy known to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, enhance nerve condition and help to remove metabolic waste products. Sports and remedial massage is specifically designed to add to these benefits to improve sports performance and injury recovery. Techniques used will breakdown scar tissue caused by injury or over exercise, allowing a full physiological restoration of muscle function. Massage also forms an integral part of pre and post competition care for the athlete. It is also an excellent preventative care method for individuals who are negatively affected by occupational or recreational ergonomics.

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Tel: 023 9255 3302

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